Mango Wood Crafted Pots

Mango Wood Crafted Pots

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These gorgeous crafted bowls and pots are made from mango wood, a hardwood from South East Asia, featuring a beautiful deep grain and attractive natural patterns. This range of bowls and pots are the finishing piece to your home decor.


Mango Wood


Option A
Height 30cm x Diameter 15cm 
(Height  12” x Diameter  6”)

Option B
Height 35.5cm x Diameter 20cm
(Height  13.8” x Diameter  8”)

Option C
Height 41cm x Diameter 25.5cm
(Height  16” x Diameter  10”)

Option D
Height 15cm x Diameter 18cm
(Height  6” x Diameter  7")

Option E
Height 18cm x Diameter 23cm
(Height  7” x Diameter  9”)

Option F
Height 5cm x Diameter 30cm
(Height 2” x Diameter  11.8”)

Option G
Height 23cm x Diameter 23cm
(Height  9” x Diameter  9”)


  • The Bundle Package includes one of all seven types listed, if you would like to make purchase of certain types only, please contact us.
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