Ava Ceramic and Wooden Cake Stand

Ava Ceramic and Wooden Cake Stand


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Serve your homemade specialties on our Ava ceramic and wooden cake stand for that much anticipated gathering with your closest friends. Showcasing your recipe is sure to satisfy both taste and sight. So here's a way to present your love and care on a plate! The ceramic stand is also hollow, using the plate as a lid so you can double up on serving options!



Wood, Ceramic



Tall Size

H: 13.5cm x W: 9cm x D: 16cm

(H: 5.25” x W: 3.5” x D: 6.25”)


Short Size

H: 9cm x W: 10cm x D: 20cm

(H: 3.5” x W: 4” x D: 7.75”)



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